Less is More Christmas Club #3
Sunday, November 12, 2006
Every year, do you spend the weeks before Christmas visiting Santa at malls, and paying $10-$15 for a picture?

Do you buy cheap coloring books of Christmas stories, in which the characters strive to "save Christmas" - by making sure everyone has plenty of presents? Do they have to "save Santa" so that he can dish out the loot?

Do you park your kids in front of Nickelodeon "Holiday" specials, so that you can get all of the extra holiday chores done?

I have a great product for you. You can train up your child, in the way he should go, and put the Christ back into Christmas. Playmobile makes a plastic Nativity set for the kids to play with. Let them spend their time reenacting the Christmas story. You can set this up for the little ones to play with and interact with. It comes complete with Wise Men, manger, Holy Family, and shepherds.

I've seen them at Target, for $14.99 - but they are almost always sold out by Thanskgiving, so hurry! Or, you can search my Amazon sidebar for "Playmobile Nativity".

One thing my family did when I was a child, was gather all of the little animals in the house - the farm set, the dinosaurs, the plastic giraffes - and make a parade of animals, gathered around the stable to pay homage to their Creator. Your kids will love it!

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