Southern Hospitality is Just Rude
Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chris Rock's Momma is suing Cracker Barrel restaurants. She claims she and a friend sat at a table for 30 minutes without being waited on, and that this is another in a series of racial discrimination incidents at the chain. Mrs. Rock resides in Georgetown, SC, and was at a restaurant on the coast.

I hate to break it to her, but I doubt it was a racial thing. I live within 100 miles of Georgetown, and I can tell her that none of the restaurants around here have good service.

I went to Burger King, and walked out after watching two employees argue over who was going to take my order.

I went to Denny's, and sat for 20 minutes before getting disgusted and walking out. I ended up at Ruby Tuesday's, where the waiter stood next to me the entire time I was deciding what I wanted, whipped the menu out of my hand the moment I was done, and then didn't show up again for 35 minutes.

I've had entire transactions, spending close to $200, at WalMart and not heard a single word from the checker. More than once.

At Sonic Drive-In, I was informed that since they were closing in 10 minutes, I could only order soft drinks.

Ryan's Steakhouse/Buffet provided my family of 8 people with a basket of 4 rolls and 10 containers of honey spread. The waitress was not seen again, and my husband ended up serving himself tea.

I don't know why there is such hostility towards customers. I think it has to do with lack of competition. I'm from Denver, which has close to 2 million households (not people), if you include the suburbs. If Cracker Barrel is slow, there are 3 or 4 more of them within driving distance, not to mention a Chili's, Bennigan's, Applebee's, and Outback in the same parking lot. They have to be good.

South Carolina boasts 4 million people for the entire state. In my town, there is not a single donut shop (although you can buy Krispy Kremes at the Exxon). The nearest Starbucks is 25 miles away. Strangely, there are at least 10 car dealerships.

Sometimes it's not you. Sometimes they just stink.

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