Lost work, ear infections, and My Life Right Now.
Saturday, July 01, 2006

I had a really nice little post, about my husband coming home on July 18, moving, and as usual it was wildly entertaining. (Do you expect anything less?)
Then my 3 year old needed his teeth brushed, and my 5 year old decided she was going to work on the computer too, and the post has been swallowed by the Great Nothingness that takes all unsaved work.

So, you'll have to make do with this boring, vanilla little blurb.

I did discover a home remedy that actually works! My 6 year old got an ear infection. I'd heard of a couple of home remedies, and decided to give them a try. I put 6 drops of breastmilk (Nursing comes in handy, and not just because I'm too lazy to wash a bottle in the middle of the night!) in twice a day - cured it within 24 hours.
Of course, I didn't tell him what it was, just that it was my secret ear formula. Much the same way I call non-fat dry milk "astronaut milk" and the heels of a loaf "the brownest one. Who wants the one with the most brown?"

Now that we are moving, and I have the responsibility of packing the entire house, by myself, with 6 kids all home for the summer - don't laugh, it's true - I have noticed a curious thing.
I am Not Buying things. How very un-American of me.

It's also killing me! I mean, Wal-Mart has determined that I should decorate my house in a very Art Deco, shapely black and white, and I'm still living in my "so last year"..... ok, I've never actually decorated. My style is Newly Wed/Fisher Price. I've been married for 9 years, but I still accept any and all cast off furniture!

I am also Throwing Things Away, even if I might use them someday. But, I figure, I probably will come across 900 more jelly jars before the kids leave home, so I'm good there.

I have given away 15 BAGS of clothing. Clothes that don't fit the kids yet, clothes that don't fit one child but will fit another one someday, clothes I hate and don't put on the kids, clothes the kids hate. I gave away snowsuits and mittens and coats (we are moving to Charleston from Denver). That's not actually very entertaining to you folks out there in cyberspace, but I have to brag somewhere!

Mama Says:
Use it up, Wear it Out
Make it do, or Do Without

Fine words to live by.
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