The Amazing Race
Sunday, June 25, 2006

Well, for the second month in a row, I've gone 3 weeks without posting. Meanwhile, I get impatient with my guilty pleasure if they don't update hourly. This one, too.

This is your PSA that the focus of this blog will be changing. My life has changed, and since it's All About Me, that means this is changing as well. For the solipsists among you, too bad, I'm the only one who matters. You don't exist; I only know myself.

For the humanists among you, well, you won't be reading long, as my blog will become interminably boring as I go on and on and on about character, service to others, blah... blah... see, I've already lost you!

I am still a writer; but my life is well rounded and you'll probably be seeing more references to family life or even *gasp* religion. For those Modernists among you, "family life" refers to the domestic partnership of a man and a woman who get married, and THEN have children. There may even be new links involved, but I will attempt to provide apple cobbler for your net surfing pleasure. Save your fork, this isn't a Baptist potluck, you know.

Aesthetes, don't fret. I will attempt to post photos, clips, actual art, and, when appropriate, Boschian nightmares. (But only when I'm PMSing. I'll determine whether the "P" stands for Pre, Present, or Post, however.)

My new life consists of me, acting single mother of 6 children, attempting to keep my special needs child's mind sharp over summer break while packing the entire house and planning a cross country move to take place in 25 days. The Amazing Race, indeed.

I did quit my job (my nanny quit, Bossy Boy's wife was the former Mrs. Dracula, and I was woefully underpaid for doing the job of three people), which should make things easier, but has both complicated the financial situation, and shortened my patience.

Mama says:
Don't pray for patience, God won't give it to you. Instead He sends you something to be patient about.
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