7 Quick Takes: Annoyances and Kids (they aren't the same thing!)
Friday, January 16, 2009
Baby X has just polished off his 4th serving of oatmeal. Full, 1 c. servings. And he drank his milk + his sister's. Where is he putting it?

For the last 6 months, Miss V has spent every waking moment playing "tea party" with her plastic food. She packs it into whatever bag or container is available and carts it all over the house.

FOCA is still looming. Leaving every pro-life argument aside, it's terribly impractical and will make health care for the poor more dangerous and less available, in my opinion. FOCA will require every hospital that receives federal funds or accepts Medicare, Medicaid, etc. to perform abortions and prescribe the morning after pill. But, most doctors are not trained abortionists. Should the government be dictating that an ER doc perform a procedure they are not experts at? In addition, there is the possibility of a hospital going private rather than accept federal money, leaving fewer health care options for the poor.

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Wednesday, our local paper ran a series called "Cooking in Hard Times". They don't have a clue. The two recipes printed called for sea bass, fresh goat cheese, and asiago. A helpful sidebar noted "Lobster Now Fits in Budget" with a recipe for lobster mac and cheese and involved a total of FIVE cups of cheese (for 8 oz. of noodles). The appetizer recipes in the back? Asparagus and prosciutto. Budget food? Really? Try some lentils and rice.

I hate Monitronics alarm system. Our house is set up for it, but as renters we don't have access and it basically just acts as a door chime. Miss C set it off last week - I called the company and was put on hold FOUR TIMES and transferred to a different department THREE TIMES while the klaxon went off in the background. Then they couldn't help me because I didn't have the password. We had to unscrew everything and clip the wires to get it to shut off. Still haven't heard from the landlord about it, either.

And... the alarm was going off for an hour and a half. You could hear it up the block. No one came over to check on things and the police never arrived to save us, either. Some alarm system. (To be fair, I think I am the only person on the block who is home during the day.)

I may have finally found a homeschool group! I haven't attended any meetings or activities, but the people seem nice and it is very active with lots of families. Even better, the leader attends my church, but many activities are held at the church nearest to me - we can walk there! We only have one car so this opens up a lot of possibilities. If I can find the energy to walk over there with every one! The last active homeschool group I was in was in Colorado, 3 years ago. I'm excited!

I have gestational diabetes (as usual) and my blood sugars are wonky (as usual). My fasting sugars (after evening snack) are often higher than my one hour post meal sugars. This is normal for me, but my new doctor is perplexed. I get more A1C tests for the rest of the pregnancy. Joy.

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