Thursday, January 15, 2009

One popular dish at our house is Salad Bar Night. (Yes, that's the remains of that gallon of coleslaw in the corner!). I try to put out a great variety of veggies, and supplement with protein rich hard boiled eggs, chick peas, white beans, or any leftover meat we have on hand.

All those veggies can get expensive. I'm going to try a garden this year!

We're starting small. I am having a baby in June, after all, and I've never gardened in this zone (9a for us.)

We're using the Square Foot Gardening method.

Husband dear built a bed. He did this last October when he was rebuilding the fence from Ike.

Lay down a weed barrier. Cardboard and newspaper, in our case.
(Dang, lady, mow that grass!)

Got some dirt. The bed is 2x12, and 6" deep, so we needed 12 cubic feet.
7 bags of humus: $9.50
2 bags of Peat Moss: $20.00
1 shovel - $10
2 purple sparkle shoes to make sure the edges are straight - priceless.

Mix and fill. I couldn't find the vermiculite or plain Perlite that SFG recommends, so we just mixed humus and peat moss.

Drive your husband crazy by taking his picture while he tries to work, insisting he move so the shadows don't get in the way.

Next steps: Lay out the grid, plan the crop layout, direct sow, and water.

I have a black thumb. Wish me luck!

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