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Friday, August 08, 2008
  1. Blogging may be light today. Then again, I may hide research online all day, so you never know.

Husband dear is home with a stomach ick. I have a summer cold. Miss C had a bug on Saturday, that included 1 day of throwing up and three days of hives; Miss E caught it at 2 am Wednesday morning.

Yesterday I spent the day doing the nasty Mommy chores of cleaning up various bodily fluids.

My big boys discovered that if you get sidewalk chalk wet, you can paint on your body with it. The house is destroyed. The boys are bored. I need to finish planning the school year so we can start in two weeks. I don't have enough time or energy or pens.

And yet I can't help sighing. Baby X is 16 months old, and there's not a new baby in sight. I've started getting nostalgic. He's outgrown his baby clothes, and I'm packing them up instead of leaving them out, as I usually do, for the next one coming.

I'm usually pregnant by the baby's first birthday. We've never *not* had a baby in the house, but I just realized that even if I got pregnant *today*, Baby X would be two years old before the new one was born.

Baby X weaned last month, for good. I never nursed a baby for so long, and he was such a goof about nursing. He liked to stand up, or straddle my leg like a horse. He didn't want to be cradled like a baby - he's a kid! Or at least he thinks so.

He's so ready to grow up, and I so want him to stay little.

He eats with a fork and can drink without a lid. He sees the camera and knows to ham it up. He answers the phone. He can open jars and loves peanut butter (Heaven help me!) He's a big boy, now.

I'm not yearning yet, or even pining. Just sighing for another little one. I'm just selfish, I guess.

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