Kneeling for Communion
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
...will become the norm for Papal masses.

Good to know... at my last church, I was the only one in the whole church who knelt. In fact, I felt so odd about it that I asked the priest for permission first (well, not really for permission. I did tell him my intention and ask him if he would prefer I receive last or in the pew to make the logistics easier. He encouraged me to just receive in my usual place, and not worry about holding up the line.)

About a quarter of people received on the tongue, however. These were not hippy weird guitar totin' puppet show Catholics. They were devout. It actually was one of the most Christ-like churches I have attended.

I wonder if it will catch on in the states, or if I shall continue to "go it alone."
If you see me at Mass - I'm the only weirdo in the place with my head covered and my knees bent during Communion. With a gaggle of children who talk too loudly during the liturgy trailing in my wake...

...and who take oh-so-flattering photos of people during the sermon.

Don't forget to join us in our Catholic Women's Bible Study! It starts Monday, July 21 but you can join anytime or just follow along. Leave me a note if you want to participate!


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