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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Crystal and I are teaming up to do a Catholic women's Bible study! We'll be going through Courageous Virtue, which I bought over a year ago but I never could find anyone to do it with me.

Courageous Virtue, by Stacy Mitch, is a Bible study on moral excellence for women. It has a nihil obstat from Rev. James M. Dunfee and an imprimatur from the Bishop of Steubenville, OH. What does that mean? Fisheaters has the answer:

The procedure works like this: when a Catholic writes a book on faith, morals, theology, liturgy, books on prayer, editions of Sacred Scripture, etc., he will submit his manuscript to his diocese's Censor. If the Censor finds no problem with it, he will give it his stamp, which reads "Nihil Obstat," or "nothing stands in the way." He then sends it to the Bishop for his review. If the Bishop finds nothing objectionable, he gives the book his "Imprimatur" which means, "let it be printed." ...

Please know that the presence of an Imprimatur does not mean that a book is an official text of the Church. It doesn't make the book the equivalent of an encyclical, say. It's not the approval of the work by the Pope or a dogmatic Council, and it's not a stamp of infallibility. It doesn't even mean that everything in the book is accurate, only that there is nothing in it that contradicts Catholic dogma.

Crystal and I have been e-buddies forever in internet years. We found each other from the Stay at Home Catholic Mother's email loop, unsubscribed at the same time for the same reason, and then she started a blog. She has two darling little boys.

We'll be taking turns hosting on our blogs, and we'll start in two weeks.

If you don't have a Catholic store nearby, on my right sidebar I have a link to Aquinas and More Catholic Goods. They have the book for $7.95, and the store is in Colorado Springs. The proprietor, Ian, makes a point NOT to stock any materials made in China, so you know why I support him!

If you use my link on the sidebar, I get a kickback referral fee.

Let me know if you plan to participate! So far we have three: myself, Crystal, and Amy.

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