Eco-friendly Education
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Husband dear and I both agree that as part of our homeschool curriculum, we want the boys to learn a trade, something useful that they can use to earn money in the summer, work their way through college, or even support a family on.

Husband dear thinks welding is the way to go. On his jobsites, welders get lots of money and spend a lot of time standing around waiting for things to be welded. It's one of the highest dollar jobs in construction.

In light of gas prices, I think the we should start a home-based business building steam powered cars.

How hard could it be? They used to make them before there was even electricity!

I'm not the only one who thinks steam powered cars are a good idea, either.

Husband dear is not buying it. Sigh. The HOA would probably object, too.

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