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Friday, May 04, 2007
BBC is running this story:

Natural Contraception Effective

The article goes on to detail the Sympto-Thermal method (STM) of ovulation prediction (Natural Family Planning.)

This is not contraception. Contraception is deliberately interfering with the natural sex process in order to avoid pregnancy. It is a sin. Choosing to not have sex, is not contraception.

Food for thought - how can they say SMT works, but abstinence doesn't? Findings did show it was more effective at preventing pregnancy than barrier methods available OTC.

Then again, the study has yielded this gem:

The lowest pregnancy rate was found among women who abstained from sex during their most fertile period, as defined by STM.
No kidding...

Some links to Church teaching on contraception:
Scripture References
Church Fathers views
Modern Popes elaborate
Humanae Vitae

Really, this subject is too long and rich for a blog post. Any questions are welcome in the comment box though!

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