No Wonder I'm Tired
Monday, May 14, 2007
It's 7 am on Monday, and I've already accomplished enough to fill a day.

I've fed 6 out of 7 children and a cat

Shut down a carwash going on in the cat bowl

Made Coffee (this is the important step)

Changed diapers

Tortured Insisted an 8 year old wear socks, then put his socks and shoes on him by force

Written two teacher notes

Signed 3 pieces of paper

Reassembled a toddler booster seat

Met two buses with three children, three backpacks, and a coat (despite the 85 degree forecast)

Made bread (okay, dumped stuff in the breadmaker and pushed a button, but still, there were 9 ingredients involved!)

Planned dinner

Removed smooshed banana from the couch

Gathered one load of laundry from various floors in the house

Braided two pigtails

Kissed one owie

Conversed on the following topics: Was the author of the Magic Tree House books inspired by The Time Machine or did she rip them off? Why don't we put glue in bread? (It's gluten, dear) What are socks good for? Does Baby X resemble Lex Luthor or Superman? (Lex is bald, too, dear), and a general discourse on the merits of choosing from the Treasure Box vs. getting a sticker at school.

And blogged about it.


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