WFMW: Spin Twice, Dry Once
Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We've lived in a series of rentals for the last 10 years, and one thing they've all had in common is old washers and dryers. You know the ones, they are missing the bleach dispenser and come in Harvest Gold or Avocado? I've also had clotheslines, but in some places (this current house included) I can't use them.

We do a lot of laundry. A chronic problem was that the dryer not only took longer than the washer, but often I would have to run the old decrepit dryer twice. Now I know the trick!

First, I don't use the largest load setting on the washer. I use the medium size or next to largest setting. Supposedly, this makes your washer last longer anyway. Then, after it's done washing, I turn the knob back around to the spin cycle. I've found that one wash + one spin just about equals the time the dryer takes.

Spinning the extra water out really helps to dry out the load - and I'll only have to run the dryer through one cycle (maybe one and a half for jeans/towels). Running an extra spin cycle uses a ton less electricity than running the dryer, too. Another trick: put a clean, dry towel in the dryer. It will help absorb the damp air adn your load will dry faster.

Another saver: if you have an older, top loading washer, use half as much detergent. More laundry detergent does not equal cleaner clothes! It actually works as a surfactant allowing the water to break down the dirt. These washers are not as efficient, and they probably aren't even rinsing all of the soap out of the last washing you did. The new laundry soaps are more efficient as well. You might experiment a bit to see how much you actually need - with my current set I need about a third of cap instead of a whole one.

Works for Me! To see other great tips, visit Shannon!

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