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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My kids like to draw, color, paint, and especially cut.

I have a great way to keep all of their stuff together, but out of sight (and also out of mind) - drawers.

Sterilite makes several sizes of translucent drawers for organizing, and their model 2023 will hold 8 1/2 x 11" paper.

I put the paper in one drawer, coloring supplies in another, and scissors, glue and a hole punch in the third. The hole punch is excellent for hand strength, hand eye coordination, and the all-important pincer grasp! Put dots on a piece of paper and encourage your child to punch them out. It'll keep them busy for hours - or at least long enough to make that important phone call.

It also gives us a quick and easy place to put all those stubby pencils and crayon bits when we are cleaning up. The drawers are stored on a shelf right next to the kitchen - and they pull out so the kids can carry their colors to their work area.

Here's what they look like in our playroom, (in the upper right corner) right by the doorway to the kitchen. I made picture labels and drew a pair of scissors, a picture of crayons, etc. for my prereaders.

Works for Me! Visit Shannon for more tips.

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